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About Us

We are Grammers. Founded in 2019 our goal is give new developers a team environment to sharpen their skills in a collaborative environment while working on real-world team projects. Our mission is for all our members to be confident in any future interview or jobs.


We are a young club based in Boca Raton, FL. We welcome coders and learners of all levels, ages and professional backgrounds. Our most recent collaborative app was a game of connect-four where our members collaborated and participated in paired programming to build this app using React and CSS


Recent Projects

Our projects are varied and there really is something for everyone. Our weekly meet-ups recently created Connect-4 using ReactJS and are currently creating a dashboard using ExpressJS. We also have a weekly Machine Learning group where we use Python to make an automated game of Connect-4. Below you can find some cool projects we have done (so far!)

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